98.00 every month

Access Female Founder School’s 10 Steps from Idea to Launch Platform including a Handbook, Workbook, and Community.


A subscription gives you access to the Female Founder School 10 Steps from Idea to Launch Platform. This includes our online workbook (hosted on Notion), corresponding workbook (hosted on Google Cloud) and community (hosted on Slack). The Female Founder School team will on occasion offer virtual office hours and may also put on in-person events.

  1. The 10 Steps from Idea to Launch Handbook is our core resource, where you will find all of our educational content. Think of this like a better version of a book - there is reading, in addition to links, videos, and activities. The aim is to provide you with the most need-to-know information at the right time in an easily digestible “article” format, to make your startup-building process as focused and efficient as possible.

  2. The 10 Steps from Idea to Launch Workbook is supplementary to our Handbook and contains worksheets designed to guide you through the implementation of all key concepts. The goal here is actual progress - taking your company from A to B.

  3. The Female Founder School Community is hosted on our private Slack channel, is where you will connect with other founders, keep up to date on opportunities, and get feedback on your work.

For additional information on subscription services and billing see www.femalefounderschool.com/faqs.