How do I access the 10 Steps from Idea to Launch platform?

To access Female Founder School’s 10 Steps from Idea to Launch platform apple here. Upon applying, you will be prompted to schedule a 15 minute call with the Female Founder School team. If it is agreed that you are at the right stage of company building to get the most value out of the program, you will receive an acceptance email. That email will direct you to our website to purchase a subscription. Once the payment has gone through, you will receive an email from the Female Founder School team with onboarding directions.

What is included in the subscription?

A subscription gives you access to the Female Founder School 10 Steps from Idea to Launch Platform. This includes our online Founder Manual (hosted on Notion), corresponding workbook (hosted on Google Cloud) and community (hosted on Slack). The Female Founder School team will on occasion offer virtual office hours and may also put on in-person events.

  1. The Founder Manual is our core resource, where you will find all of our educational content. Think of this like a better version of a book - there is reading, in addition to links, videos, and activities. The aim is to provide you with the most need-to-know information at the right time in an easily digestible “article” format, to make your startup-building process as focused and efficient as possible.

  2. The Workbook is supplementary to our Handbook and contains worksheets designed to guide you through the implementation of all key concepts. The goal here is actual progress - taking your company from A to B.

  3. The Female Founder School Community is hosted on our private Slack channel, is where you will connect with other founders, keep up to date on opportunities, and get feedback on your work.

How do I pay?

Upon applying here and being accepted into Female Founder School’s 10 Steps from Idea to Launch program, you will receive an email with payment instructions. Payment is done through the Female Founder School website and is securely processed through Stripe.

How much does a subscription cost?

We offer 3 month renewing subscriptions. Our subscription costs $295.00 for 3 months. That comes out to $98 a month (pay every 3 months).

Does it automatically renew?

Three month (quarterly) subscriptions renew on the same day every three months, or the last day of the month if there's no corresponding date in shorter months. For example, if a customer buys a three month subscription product on January 31, the subscription will renew on April 30th, then July 31st.

Can I cancel?

You can cancel at anytime. Users have the right to cancel their subscription and receive a refund within 7 days of signing up for or renewing a Subscription.

For additional questions, please contact hello@femalefounderschool.com.