Female Founder School



Where is the application?

  • There is no formal application for the program. Once you fill out the form, we'll get in touch to understand where you are in the process of founding a company and determine whether the program is a good fit for your needs. We shy away from a "picking winners" mentality--we want to help you get where you want to be.


Will I have to pay?

  • Each sprint is  $500 per person for solo founders and $400 per co-founder for founding teams. If you're not satisfied with your experience, we refund your cost. We don't succeed unless you do.

  • We also offer a limited number of equity-based scholarships. Fill out the form and we'll be in contact!


Who will be supporting me?

  • Our founding team, our advisors, mentors, and your peers in the program!


How much support will I really be getting from the team, advisors, mentors, etc.?

  • Each peer group will be assigned an advisor. Advisors meet with you in person at workshops and during weekly group feedback sessions. They will be the ones helping you determine your Sprint goals and holding you accountable to them each week.

  • Mentors will be holding scheduled 1-on-1 office hours both in person and online. Some will also be available via email to answer your questions as they come up.

  • The founding team is on-hand to offer support at workshops and any time via email, and will be holding office hours each week.


What will happen after the 3 sprints?

  • We recognize that building a business is a marathon and want to provide ongoing support throughout your company building journey. We're building a Studio for ongoing support even after you complete your sprints. You'll have access to mentors, workshops, events, coaches, marketing services, and more (you tell us what you need most!).


How will I qualify for Sprint 2?

  • By attending all of the sessions and completing all of the assignments in Sprint 1, and demonstrating a deep understanding of your customer and their problem in your final presentation.


How will I know how I’m doing in the program?

  • Excellent question, we are a fan of being results oriented. We will be tracking your comprehension throughout the program and giving you feedback continuously on your application of frameworks and tool, and on your progress toward your sprint goal. 


Why are we put into peer groups? And how you choose that?

  • We learned through feedback from previous founders in our program that their favorite part was the peer groups. We select peer groups based on each founder's time commitment (full-time, part-time, etc.) and chosen industry.


How did you figure out what goes into each sprint?

  • Our curriculum is based on well known frameworks for starting a company, lessons from lean startup and design thinking experts, successful founders, investors, and, most importantly, you! We beta-tested our program with a smaller group of female founders, incorporated their feedback, and developed a next-gen curriculum suited to your needs.

What if I don’t have an idea?

  • In Sprint 0 Ideation Workshop, we provide frameworks to help you find clarity around the customer/problem/solution that sparks your passion and aligns with your experience and professional goals.


What if I change my idea?

  • Ideas are made for iteration! But if you’ve demonstrated commitment to the program and  decide that you want to pursue an entirely new path, you are welcome to restart Sprint 1.


Do I have to do the sprints back to back (3 months in a row)?

  • Nope, we’ve designed sprints to overlap each month, so that you can go at a pace that work for you. Sprint start dates can be found here.


Do you provide childcare during the in-person monthly workshop?

  • We know it’s really important, and we’re working on making it happen in the future.


What if I don’t have a co-founder?

  • Not to worry, we’ll provide opportunities to meet potential co-founders and share your idea (with your permission) with other groups that are also seeking  co-founders. And given the progress that you’ll make in our program, you’ll be able to tell a more compelling story and demonstrate viability, which will be key for co-founder recruiting.



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